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Handspinning Methods

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HANDSPINNING METHODS Inch Worm:Your hands work close to the orifice. The fiber is passed toward the orifice rather than drafting the fibers back toward you. There is no advantage to using this method with wool as far as I can see. I generally use this process for a corkscrew effect when spinning decorative singles. Short or Medium Draw:Here the right hand is held about 6 inches from the orifice and used to pinch off and build up the twist. The left hand drafts back no further than your hips and this hand is used to pinch off the fiber supply. The right hand then allows the build up to twist...

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Natural Dyes

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Dyeing With Natural Materials Using natural dye plants can be both fun and easy. Using safe methods is monumental to this process. Please note that with the exception of alum, all mordants are toxic if ingested. Please keep these materials out of the reach of children. Do not reuse pots you have dyed with for any other purpose except dyeing your yarn or wool. The following is the basic preparations and methods for obtaining dye colors from nature’s bounty. I hope it is useful to you in your new adventure! General Dyeing Preparations Prepare your fleece by sorting out only the best of...

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Washing Fleece Bulk Method

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    WASHING WOOL FIBERS USING BULK METHOD       This method should work to thoroughly wash 12 to 20 lbs raw greased wool. Fill bath tub with very hot water (as hot as your tap water will run – preferably 120 degrees). Add approximately 1 cup of washing soda and 1 three pound box of detergent. A cheaper store brand also works well and if it includes a fabric softener, all the better!) Make sure the detergent and washing soda are thoroughly dissolved before entering your fleece. Put your fleeces into net bags (I made net bags rather cheaply by purchasing netting at the local fabric...

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