Lessons & Workshops


We offer only the following workshops at this time.
Contact: designer@tygartlakefiberarts.com for scheduling.




Handspinning Problem Solving: Fee $45/ 3 hr individual session/ $25  each:group of 3 or more individuals

The workshop is designed to help you overcome such common yarn ailments as overtwist, undertwist, slubbiness etc. We will discuss wheel tension problems, spinning techniques and alternatives in fiber preparation. Students may bring their fiber, yarn problems for workshop discussion.

Warp Your Loom Refresher: Fee $60/ 4 hr session/ $40 each: group of 3 or more individuals

The back to front method of loom warping is reviewed for those who feel they need to brush up their skills. Time will be allotted during the session to discuss and clarify other weaving problem areas.



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