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About Us

I have been a Hand spinner, Dyer and Weaver since 1983. Initially I ran a wholesale/retail custom carding service in Vermont using a Patrick Green Country Carder. I custom dyed fleeces and roving using my own dye formulas and combinations. I raised and bred Cotswold and Romney sheep with a focus on long wool and natural colors. It was truly a sheep to shawl endeavor. My clientele spanned from Georgia, New York City to eastern Canada.

I currently reside in beautiful Grafton, West Virginia home to the wonderful Tygart Lake recreational area. I believe that our hand spinning, dying and weaving heritage is a disappearing art form. Please enjoy the education information and our limited handspun, handwoven and hand dyed products. While we have limited inventory any items may be custom ordered. All items are heirloom quality, totally handcrafted and one of a kind.

Where Psychology and Fiber-Arts Meet!
Many individuals who have journeyed on the path of recovery from trauma do not discount the importance of creativity in their healing process. Creativity comes in many forms, the form I have become closest to is the fiber-arts and it is this form which I would like to share with you. My approach to tapestry is generally sprinkled with Jungian interpretation and I make full use of color and texture in my creative pursuits. All tapestry is abstract in nature and designed on a custom order basis.

Equipment and Instruction

Please note that I no longer sell used equipments or other equipment items. A portion of this site is comprised of past courses and workshops I’ve held for hand spinning, weaving, dyeing instructional purposes. Enjoy and they are free for download. I am currently only available on a limited schedule and instruction is only available for those who can make use of their own equipments. If you wish lessons, demonstrations or workshops on an individual or group basis please contact designer@tygartlakefiberarts.com

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