Calculating Warp

Calculations for Warp:
**Note** Warp threads must be able to withstand tensions and stress; use weaker types of yarn for weft yarns.


You need to determine:
1. The width to be woven
a. Loom size b. Article to be woven c. Shrinkage of material d. Throwing of the shuttle (Take in)
2. How many threads are there going to be per inch (SETT/EPI)
a. For the article to be woven b. Number of dents in the reed (spacer)
3. The length of the article to be woven:
a. Article length. b. Loom allowance c. Loom Take Up (a 10% variable)


Formula for Calculating Your Warp

          SETT                     6 threads per inch(epi)
        x Width of Article      x 21 inches wide
        = Total Warp Ends         72 warp ends total required
                                     for width of article to
                                     be woven



Formula for Calculating Length of Warp

1. Length of Article to be Woven
+Add required amount of fringes (both sides)
+Loom allowance (18″ for table loom/36″ for floor loom =Total Length per Warp Thread

2. Formula for Calculating Warp
Total Warp Width ends
x Total length per end
= Total warp


Formula for Weft Calculations

width on loom in inches
+ 10% of that distance
=length of one weft shot
x number of wefts per inch
= inches of weft needed to weave 1″
x inches to be woven (incl fringe etc)
=total inches of weft needed
/ by 36
=total yards of weft needed



Measuring the Warp:
1. Keep an even tension
2. Take care in making the cross

1. Use a contrasting color for groupings.
2. Group according to SETT

Tying Off:

1. Tie through cross
2. Tie top of each side of cross
3. Tie chokes at end of the warp and at every yard.

Chaining Off:
1. Cut off end loops.
2. Use your hand as a crochet hook chain off up to the cross.
3. Carefully place in bag until ready to use.

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