Loom Preparation

1. Set up the loom in preparation for warping.

a. Remove the reed from the beater.
b. Push heddles to each side to allow warp to pass through the center of the harness.
c. Have scissors and some strong string handy.

2. Place the warp on the loom with the uncut loops at the back of the loom.

3. (Optional) Place angel sticks (helper sticks to hold lease sticks flat) from the front to the back of the loom.

4. Place the warp dowel though the uncut loops. Tie each end of this dowel to the apron rod.

5. Place the lease sticks in each cross of the warp, and tie the sticks securely together with a 1 inch space between them.

6. Tie lease sticks to the back beam and the castle suspending them midway between the two.

7. Tie the raddle in place at the front of the loom.

8. Remove the cross ties making sure the lease sticks are tied securely in position. Do not remove the thread laced around the counter groups.

9. Spread the warp across the raddle placing the counted groups of warp in appropriate divisions in the raddle to the width to be woven. (Piece should be centered on the loom).

10. Spread the uncut loops evenly across the warp dowel at the back of the loom. Pull on choke to even the warp.

11. Tightly lace the counted groups on the warp dowel to the apron rod. You may now remove the threads laced around the counter groups.

12. Begin winding the warp around the beam, keeping the warp under an even tension; pulling only at the chokes. Insert heavy paper between the warp to keep it smooth.

13. If the warp is tangled, snap it. This should be enough to remove any snarls, if not, check the loom for the cause.

14. Continue winding the warp until there are 12 inches of warp left in front of the castle. Don’t allow the chokes to ride up too close to the raddle.

15. Tie the warp ends in slip knots in groups (chosen sett) of 1 inch to prevent them from slipping through the lease sticks.

16. Remove the raddle.

17. Thread the heddles according to the pattern, taking each warp end in order starting from right to left. Re tie the slip knots.

18. Place the reed in the beater and measure 1/2 the width of the article from the center and begin to sley from there. Retie the slip knots.

19. Remove lease sticks.

20. Starting at the center, tie warp to the warp dowel and continue, alternating right and left sides of the center. Adjust tension and tie a second knot to secure bundles.

21. Tighten the tension at the warp beam.

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